Mid-Town Radio Disco Mart opened in 1947 and has been an important community partner in Waipahu for more than 70 years. Founders Toshio and Yoshiko Yamamoto made their dream of running a “mom and pop” shop a reality through hard work, determination and dedication.

Founders of Mid-Town Radio Disco Mart, Toshio & Yoshiko Yamamoto (1971)

Upon first arriving on Oahu from Japan, Toshio worked in the Waipahu sugar cane fields for the Oahu Sugar Company, and soon after began taking night classes in electronics to learn how to repair radios.

In the early years, Toshio worked the night shift at the Sugar Company Power Plant, and spent the days working together with Yoshiko at Mid-Town Radio. The store first operated as a radio repair and retail shop, and later expanded offerings to include televisions and appliances.

In 1972, Toshio and Yoshiko added to their store offerings yet again, and began selling furniture with the opening of Disco Mart. Daughters Marge and Eunice later joined the family business and continue to run it to this day.

Yoshiko Yamamoto and daughters, Marjory Funasaki & Eunice Soeda

Mid-Town Radio Disco Mart is one of the few remaining “mom and pop” shops in Hawaii today; locally-owned and operated since its beginnings. Marge and Eunice attribute the store’s success to having the same values as their parents – hard work, determination and dedication. At Mid-Town Radio Disco Mart, the customer is the number one priority. This simple fact, and a dedication to providing service that is unmatched, can only be delivered by a true community partner like Mid-Town Radio Disco Mart.

Mid-Town Radio Disco Mart Team
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Matt B.

This place beats every place on island. I'm a best-price and quality service kind of guy...

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Charmaine C.

... we went to midtown and found a wonderful couch bed and delivery was so quick!!...

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Diane R.

...they have been in business for almost 70 years... I love supporting family owned businesses...

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